Episode.2 Story of Karen from Mexico




Fashion has a way of transforming one’s perception. A single piece of clothing can enable women to take on life with full confidence. For EDYA1929’s series: “Robes of Empowerment: Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”, the goal is to not only make women see themselves in all their beauty but see each day in a new light.


Our journey leads us to the heart of Mexico where Karen Takeda, a devoted herbalist, shares her story of motherhood, empowerment, and new perspectives intertwined with her newfound connection to the world of fashion through EDYA1929.


The Birth of Life in New Waters

Among the many brave things a woman can do is bring life into this world and Karen went the extra mile when she chose to give birth to her second son in Mexico through the most natural means — no doctor, no medications, nor equipment. In this deeply personal journey, Karen was surrounded by women in a sacred space who not only supported her but also delicately crafted a dream catcher using her son's umbilical cord and placenta as a memento.


Driven by a desire for flexibility in an ever-evolving world, Karen made the decision to establish roots in Mexico upon the birth of her son.


“As I have been living outside of Japan for 14 years, I speak from different points of view that I acquired from experience. Japanese culture is very conservative and there is still male superiority, thus Japanese women tend to put themselves down or hide their abilities. All women are goddesses, we are so strong and tough, we can care and feel so deeply. I love watching women bloom.” - Karen


The Seed of a New Passion

Karen’s passion for being a naturalist/herbalist was fueled by her first son’s struggle with atopic dermatitis as a baby. This inspired her to delve into the world of organic farming, creating natural products, and holistic healing. With the basic knowledge her grandmother passed down to her, she was able to adopt a new profession and completely heal her son’s skin condition after 2 years.


“My son’s skin condition was completely gone after 2 years! Then I started giving advice and my creams to my friends — their positive feedback made me feel happy and rewarded. Therefore, I made it my job. ” - Karen


Gratitude, Resilience, & Empowerment

As a single mother from a dysfunctional family, Karen draws strength from her deep love for her boys, recognizing her pivotal role in their lives. Her experience challenges societal norms, advocating for women's empowerment and celebrating the innate strength of all women.

“I’m the only person who can love them the most so I have to gather strength to protect myself. If I’m not happy they are not happy either, so that allows me to treat myself right.” - Karen


Karen’s resilient spirit, unwavering positivity, and gratitude for life shines through. When asked how she keeps her zeal for life, she mentions that it’s memories of being loved unconditionally by her grandmother that brings her peace.


“Being able to wake up, watch my boys grow up, see them play because they are alive and healthy makes me feel fulfilled. I’m just so grateful for everything life is giving me.” - Karen


Clothed with Self-Empowerment

In her journey with EDYA1929, Karen discovers a new dimension of empowerment through fashion as she blooms into her fullest potential. Her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of love, resilience, and self-empowerment, both in motherhood and in the world of fashion.


“I am so grateful that the founder of EDYA Yumi reached out to me for this project.

I am so honored to put her piece of love on me and so many people complimented it! I love her concept and taste in fashion.” - Karen


  Stay tuned as we unveil more inspiring stories through our series:

“Robes of Empowerment: Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”

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