Episode.3 Story of Rachel from the Philippines

Women naturally radiate strength, and fashion has long been a way to express oneself. EDYA1929 aims to empower women by giving them both a platform for self-expression and an added layer of boldness to maximize their potential.


In the next chapter of EDYA1929’s series: “Robes of Empowerment: Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”,  we’re diving into the brand’s birthplace, the Philippines. Rachel Dueñas, an artist and tea sommelier, unveils the art of turning passion into purpose in her homeland.


A Passion for Tea & Art

Rachel’s journey into the world of tea began with a little hesitance on her abilities. Her husband, Martin, encouraged her pursuit which led her to obtain a certificate from the International Tea Masters Association. Now, as a tea sommelier, she teaches classes about the technical aspects of tea and hosts tea meditations — a skill she had been personally practicing and now shares with others, spreading kindness one cup at a time.

During the pandemic, Rachel explored her passion for art, an interest heavily influenced by her mother-in-law, who had a canvas lying around the house.


“It (art) was one of the many ways she shared love in her home, especially to the grandkids and me, her daughter-in-law. She encouraged me to pick up the paint brush and paint.” - Rachel


Art became her outlet from leading tea meditations with clients. The emotions she absorbed from others during those sessions, she transferred onto a canvas — creating stories through paint.


Empowered through Kindness

When asked about how she empowers herself and the women around her, Rachel emphasized on one main ideology: kindness. Through her tea meditations and art, she reinforces the idea of being kind to oneself and everyone else.


“I empower myself with the idea, kindness begins with self and the world can be kind. I empower women by telling the beautiful truths about them. In their everyday lives, sometimes you just need to call them beautiful, brave, and strong because they are but they forget.” - Rachel


In times of challenges, she admits to internally panic at first but later on seeks help whether it’s divine or human.


“My prayer for hard times is: Lord, I am not sure what to pray for but help me.” - Rachel


Rachel finds strength in suffering, she views it as an opportunity for growth and a chance to choose to be more compassionate. At the end of the day, it’s about finding fulfillment in what you can bring to the table through your skills and talents.


“You can let your suffering consume you or transform you into someone capable of exercising empathy. I feel fulfilled knowing that my talents serve as a blessing to someone. My tea job brings calm and delight. My art brings peace and joyfulness in a home.” - Rachel


A Layer of Confidence

Rachel continues to inspire us all by sharing the transformative power of kindness. Her story is a testament of how the pursuit of your different passions can bloom into something that adds value in this world — a philosophy that aligns with EDYA1929’s mission of empowering women.


“Wearing the clothes of EDYA1929 always makes me walk taller and laugh louder. This dress helps me be confident when I don't feel so confident. It is like wearing your armor and walking out with more friends. EDYA1929 is a walking masterpiece.” - Rachel


Watch out for more remarkable women to be featured in our series:

“Robes of Empowerment: Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”

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