Episode1. Story of Yumi from the Philippines

“ Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”

Journey of EDYA1929

EDYA1929 is a sustainable fashion label that breathes new life into vintage kimonos through the artistry of Yumi Sakamoto. Born in the Land of the Rising Sun and rebloomed in the Pearl of the Orient, EDYA1929 has been gracing the fashion scene with thoughtfully crafted kimonos that carry on a new purpose.

Within the roots of EDYA1929 lies a story of beauty birthed from the depths of resilience. It’s more than just a brand; it’s a testament to the steadfast spirit of women triumphing over life’s challenges. Founded on Yumi’s personal journey, the brand brings an empowering message through its pieces.


EDYA1929’s Origin Story:  Empowerment. Resilience. Beauty.

EDYA1929’s journey began five years ago when its founder decided to make a radical change in her life. Divorced and pregnant, she left everything behind in Japan and returned to her second home, the Philippines. With only her son and a determination to start anew, she found inspiration in an old, stained kimono in a small vintage shop in her town. Despite its imperfections, the kimono spoke of beauty and pride which inspired her to transform it into a dress. This led her to realize her enduring passion for fashion.


“I wanted to be reborn with that kimono. I had to be a new version of me to survive the new life I had as a mother & fashion designer. I swore to myself that I would be okay by the time I finished the dress with that kimono.” - Yumi


That kimono was a symbol of rebirth for Yumi and marked the beginning of EDYA1929. More than just a fashion brand, it also served as a journey towards healing and self discovery for its founder as she embarked on a new role in life as a mother + fashion designer.


“EDYA1929 is a fashion brand, but personally it is also my healing journey. I see an old version of myself in abandoned kimonos that still retain their beauty.” - Yumi


Empowering Women Through Fashion

The brand's ethos was born out of a desire to show that, like the abandoned kimonos, every woman has her own unique story, filled with love, pride, and strength.


“Maybe there is a place far away from Japan where these old kimonos can bloom again and give struggling women a reminder of how beautiful they are no matter how lost they feel. All the scars from the past are beauty marks, like stains on kimono that carry a history to be proud of.” - Yumi


EDYA1929 stands as a beacon of empowerment for women — a source of newfound strength while navigating the challenges of life and a reflection of their beauty as resilient spirits.


Celebrating the Strength of Women

Through her journey, the founder of EDYA1929 encountered other beautiful and strong women who became an integral part of her life. These women became guiding lights and sources of inspiration that help her realize the beauty of life. In turn, the brand has carried on a greater purpose as a platform to empower other women and foster a sense of community.


Stay tuned as we feature the stories of remarkable women through our series:

“Robes of Empowerment: Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”


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