Custom Order

Thank you for your interest in EDYA1929. We offer a made to order design service and would love to work with you to bring your custom dress vision to life.

Please fill out the  form below  so that you could be provided with assistance for your request. 

The process of ordering a custom-made dress first starts with a consultation. During this first meeting, you’ll get the chance to learn more about the designer, how the process works, and see whether a custom dress is right for you and your event.


What might our timeline look like?

Be sure to communicate with your dress designer about when your event is before ordering a dress. This will help you both to better prepare for how much time you have, when fittings should take place, and approximately when you’ll be able to pick up the dress before the big event.  We usually allow 6-8 weeks for a custom gown and less time for smaller projects.

What are my price options?

Custom designed dresses can vary in price in a few key ways. If you already have a specific budget range in mind, talk about your ideal and maximum budgets for this product. This helps in determining the design elements and the fabric choices.

Price Range:

Semi Custom Order : Starts from USD 800(PHP44000)-

Full Custom Order:Starts from USD 1500(PHP82000)-

This price including the Kimono, the price will changed depend which kimono you will choose. 

We require a deposit of half down at the time of the order, one quarter before we cut into the fashion fabric and the balance upon delivery.

How many fittings will I need and are fittings included in the cost?

Typically, you may only need a couple of fittings, but for more extravagant ideas there may be more required.