“Born in the Land of Rising Sun and Rebloom from the Land of Orient Sea”


Edya1929 began when a lone Kimono laden with a dramatic history crossed the seas. Together with local artisans the pieces from Edya1929 are meticulously made using carefully unravelled vintage obis and kimonos.





Yumi Christina Sakamoto

Yumi Christina is Japanese-Filipino descent and  She was bi-culturally raised in the Philippines and Japan. Back and forth between different countries inspired her  in many ways. Over the years, She worked in the major fashion industry  in Tokyo Japan. Handling the designs after another as an industrial fashion designer, She eventually grew out of the corporate world, and sought the fashion spirit that truly convinced herself.   

As founder/designer of EDYA1929, She create modern and universal fashion items with the fabric taken from vintage Japanese Kimonos.

Unfortunately, kimono is not everyday clothing for Japanese women anymore, but She brings back those once-forgotten Kimonos to the modern world with tying in various cultural influence.