EDYA 1929


販売価格 価格 ₱19,900.00 通常価格 単価  あたり 


Made from vintage silk kimono that's lightweight and lustrous. Easy to style under a blazer or denim jacket, The wide, flowy legs move beautifully as you walk.

Inspired by heritage, enchanted by old stories and crafted by hand.
Handmade with love and care in the Philippines.

Kimono Description: Vintage *Homongi(訪問着)kimono, with the hand painted landscape art on calm blue. 

*Houmongi has patterns on chest, shoulders, sleeves and hemline part of the cloth. Unlike tsukesage, houmongi has Eba-moyou(Eba-moyo is the patterns which were drawn with special technique so that the patterns don't lose the figures at sewing points). 

Please note:

- Although we do our best to use fabric that is in great condition, there may be some minor flaws and/or damage due to its vintage nature. We however always make sure to mention these if they catch our eyes.

- Vintage Japanese Kimono (cleaned for reuse)
- 100% silk crepe
- Lining (Polyester 100%)
- Please note that the colors might vary slightly depending on your browser.

- Medium
- Length: 90cm / 35.4'' (the height of model in the photo is 170cm/ 5'6")
bust band(back) fits from 60cm-80cm / 30"-31.5"(loose without stretching - to full stretch).

This item is 100% silk and we strongly recommend you to DRY CLEAN the item. Silk is a very delicate fabric and normal wash may change the texture and sheen of the fabric.

Silk can get wrinkled if it is left folded for a longer period, and therefore the item may have some wrinkles when you receive it. You can however easily remove these with ironing. Make sure to set the iron to a low temperature and press it down on the fabric from the backside with a piece of thin cotton in between to prevent direct heat on the silk.