Episode4. Rio Midorikawa from India

Beauty is holistic and fashion comes in only as the final piece to adorn the natural beauty women radiate on the outside. This is EDYA1929’s goal — to simply bring out what is already there and empower women to embrace their individuality.

In the next chapter of EDYA1929’s series: “Robes of Empowerment: Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”,  we’re taking a look into the life of Rio Midorikawa. As the talented artist and visionary designer behind Pahi AMULET, she walks us through her journey of spiritual awakenings along with the beauty of discovering new passions in life.

A Spiritual Journey

Fifteen years ago, Rio Midorikawa's life took a dramatic turn when her health deteriorated due to overwork, leaving her unable to walk for about a year. It was during this period that she experienced spiritual awakenings that changed her outlook in life. When told she would need a lifetime of medication, she was led to a path of healing and renewal through yoga. 


“A doctor told me I would have to take medicine for the rest of my life, but I have never taken it since I started practicing yoga.” - Rio


A few months later, she traveled to India, drawn by its spiritual allure and the promise of inner peace. After practicing yoga in Mysore, Rio originally aspired to become a yoga teacher. However, during her recovery, she had a new desire to create and live a life that pleased her soul. She journeyed to Jaipur on the advice of a fellow traveler and this was where her creativity reached full bloom.


“I don't know why, but I've loved stones ever since I was a child and I've always wanted to come to India.” - Rio


Empowering Women Through Jewelry

Rio’s venture into jewelry is fueled by a passion to empower women. By crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, she celebrates individuality and self-expression. Her pieces are usually bought by independent women as a treat to themselves or are given as gifts for loved ones to just celebrate one’s existence.

“Gems are pieces of ancient earth — beautiful and full of positive power. I hope to create jewelry that serves as an amulet to encourage women. I believe that a world where all women can be independent and shine freely is synonymous with true world peace.” - Rio

Fostering Strength & Love

Rio finds strength and fulfillment in the simple pleasures of life. Messages of customer satisfaction, friendships, the beauty of nature, good music, and dancing bring her joy. In moments of difficulty, She believes in simply embracing all your emotions and being compassionate with yourself.


“There have been times when I try to stay positive too much, but often enough, that  doesn't solve the problem fundamentally. Sometimes it's hard to stay positive when you're too overwhelmed — that’s okay. I believe that if we face our emotions instead of hiding them, fully accept them, and taste them fully, then we become stronger later on. After all, we can only jump after bending down deeply.” - Rio


Rio emphasizes that all we truly need is love in any form — self love, most importantly. It is love that intertwines us all and gives a sense that we are not alone.


“I think all we need is love — any love. And yes, don’t forget self-love. We exist in the cosmic fabric of love and cannot be separated from anything in this universe. I tend to be forgetful, so I have to remind myself sometimes.” - Rio


Fashion as an Accessory

In Rio’s story we see how a holistic approach towards life can be empowering. By nurturing one’s body, mind, and soul, we bring out the beauty from within. With a previous background as a designer in the fashion industry, Rio shows a deep appreciation for the artistry behind EDYA1929’s robes. She describes wearing it as being similar to putting on jewelry, a piece that simply adorns and compliments each woman’s uniqueness.


“Dress of EDYA1929 is very comfortable. The colors and materials are nice. I thought it looked like jewelry to wear. I feel like it brings out my hidden charm. I hope that people from other countries come to know about the beauty of fabrics made using traditional Japanese techniques.” - Rio


Stay tuned as we feature more inspiring stories from women around the globe in our series:

“Robes of Empowerment: Weaving Strength & Beauty Across Cultures”


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