Born in the Land of the
Rising Sun and rebloomed in the Pearl of the Orient

โ€œRobes of Empowermentโ€

-Weaving Strength and Beauty Across Cultures

We feature the stories of remarkable women through our series.

โ€œI wanted to be reborn with that kimono. I had to be a new version of me to survive the new life I had as a mother & fashion designer. I swore to myself that I would be okay by the time I finished the dress with that kimono.โ€ - Yumi


โ€œAll women are goddesses, we are so strong and tough, we can care and feel so deeply. I love watching women bloom.โ€ - Karen


โ€œI empower myself with the idea, kindness begins with self and the world can be
kind. I empower women by telling the beautiful truths about them. In their everyday
lives, sometimes you just need to call them beautiful, brave, and strong because
they are but they forget.โ€ - Rachel


โ€œI think all we need is love โ€” any love. And yes, donโ€™t forget self-love. We exist in the cosmic fabric of love and cannot be separated from anything in this universe. I tend to be forgetful, so I have to remind myself sometimes.โ€ - Rio

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Semi Custom Order

Semi Custom Order

Semi Custom Order

Semi Custom Order

Semi Custom Order

EDYA1929 x Stylist Ami Akishima

EDYA1929 Dresses,Kimono Selected by stylist Ami Akishima.

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